Tennis Court Resurfacing


Tennis Court Dimensions

Have an outdoor tennis court that needs resurfacing?

MSF Sports can easily and cost-efficiently refurbish your existing outdoor tennis or multi-sports court.

Not only will you enjoy a more aesthetically pleasing playing surface, your court will reduce strain to joints and reduce sound levels from ball bounce. Our premium outdoor sports surfaces come with a 5-year warranty and have an expected life of 20+ years.


A better option. A better court.

Our Multi Sports Courts playing surfaces are really built to last a lifetime. MSF's new and innovative technology has enabled us to bring to you a surface that you can enjoy multiple sports on the same court. Make the most of your space and have the option to play any sport at any time. The most popular sports courts for Australian backyards are Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Netball, Volleyball and Cricket.

You really can’t go wrong when you make the decision to resurface your existing court with MSF Sport state-of-the-art sports flooring solution.


Tennis Court & Multi-Sports Resurfacing


If you have an existing basketball court or multi-sports court that requires resurfacing, MSF Sports can offer you specially designed sports court tiles with pre-painted game lines that are easy to install as they interlock and snap into place. You can choose your base and key tile colour and any number of game line configurations you’d like painted on them! Custom logos are also available.


MSF Sports offers an economical and technologically advanced elite-level resurfacing solution for indoor and outdoor sports courts, Australia-wide.


Benefits of MSF Sports Tennis & Multi-Sport Court Technology:

  • BElite Sports Flooring Tiles for Basketball, Tennis, Futsal & Volleyball by MSF Sportsring the professional court experience to your own backyard
  • Add hours of fun for your guests
  • Make the most of an empty space (saving time mowing lawns)
  • Add value to your property
  • Save time and costs travelling to stadiums just to train
  • Shoot hoops any time of the day
  • Our multi-sports flooring technology reduces the ball bounce sound by half
  • Water drainage system – eliminates puddles, increases safety, ready to play in 10 minutes after heavy rain
  • Create a safer and more durable surface – no cracking, no warping, no fading
  • More economical and more versatile solution for all locations
  • 5 year limited warranty + 20 year life expectancy 
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