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MSF Sports is bringing Australia’s favourite sports to Homes and Backyards, Australia wide.

Home Basketball Courts by MSF Sports

Bringing Australia's beloved sports into the comfort of your home and backyard, MSF Sports is at the forefront of transforming outdoor spaces across the nation. A home basketball court is more than just an addition to your property; it's a lifelong investment in health, happiness, and family bonding.


Home Backyard Basketball CourtThe Ultimate Asset for Your Home

Durable Sports Surface Technology

Our cutting-edge sports court surface technology is designed for durability and longevity. This innovative solution allows your family to enjoy not just basketball, but a variety of sports, maximizing the use of your space. From basketball and tennis to soccer (Futsal), netball, volleyball, and cricket, our courts are built to host them all.


Creating Lasting Memories

A backyard court is a foundation for memories that endure a lifetime. Reflecting on this decision in the future, you'll likely consider it one of the best investments made for your family's joy and well-being.


Seamless and Affordable Installation Process

Customized Solutions

Navigating the complexities of backyard dimensions and court line markings is made simple with MSF Sports. Whether you're envisioning a multi-sport surface or a dedicated basketball court, our experts will guide you through the planning and installation process, ensuring a perfect fit for your space.


Expert Guidance from Start to Finish

Your dedicated MSF Sports court manager will support you through to the completion of your court and beyond, keeping you informed throughout the 2-6 week journey. We often require conducting an in-house visit to verify dimensions and other essential details, guaranteeing a flawless execution of your dream court with no hidden costs.


DIY or Full-Service Installation

For those looking to reduce costs, we offer the option to DIY the concrete, court, and/or hoop installation. Our exclusive sports tiles can be delivered anywhere in Australia.

Alternatively, if you prefer a hassle-free experience, MSF Sports can manage the entire installation process, allowing you to relax and soon enjoy your new dream sports court.


Benefits of a Home Basketball Court

  • Professional Experience at Home: Enjoy the thrill of the game in your own backyard.
  • Convenience: Practice your shots anytime, without the need to travel to a stadium.
  • Family Bonding: Engage in fun activities with your children right at home.
  • Health and Fitness: Encourage physical activity and a healthy lifestyle among your family members.
  • Space Utilisation: Transform an unused area into a vibrant sports zone.
  • Property Value: Enhance the appeal and value of your home.
  • Innovative Technology: Our rubber cushion technology not only reduces noise from ball bounces but also minimizes joint strain.
  • Social Gatherings: Become the go-to venue for parties and events in your neighbourhood.
  • Academic Improvement: Promote better grades and overall well-being through physical activity.
  • Friendship Building: Offer a space for your children to strengthen friendships by playing together.

Basketball & Futsal Multi Sports Court
Basketball & Futsal Multisport Court. Surfaced with MSF PRO sports flooring. Constructed by MSF Sports.

The most popular sports courts for Aussie backyards are:

Basketball, Tennis, Pickleball, Futsal(Soccer), Netball, Volleyball, Badminton and Cricket.

Bring the game home!

Backyard courts create memories that will last a life-time. Looking back one day you'll likely be saying to yourself, this was the best decision I made for my family.

A home sports court is an asset that can be enjoyed together for many years to come and promotes health and well-being.

Contact us today or Request a Quote to start planning your home basketball court and take the first step towards a more active and joyful lifestyle.

Half Court Basketball Backyard Tennis Pickleball Line Markings

MSF Sports makes the process easy and affordable

Building a home sports court not only has a positive impact on your kids and family members for years to come, but tends to also bring joy and happiness to your friends and neighbours.

When building a backyard court, It can become a little confusing when it comes to backyard sizes, shapes and creating the best court layout and line markings for your area.

Once you decide to proceed with a MSF Sports court, you will be assigned a dedicated court manager who will guide you along the way and help fit your court to its fullest potential throughout the entire 2-6 week process.

We pride ourselves on building your court right the first time so you can enjoy it for many years without the need of ongoing resurfacing or costly maintenance.

Read our customer reviews to hear what our past customers have to say about us. 

Outdoor Basketball Court

Half Court Basketball

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