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Australia’s favourite outdoor multi-sports court surface for Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Our Multi Sports Courts playing surface is built to last a lifetime. Our new and innovative technology has enabled us to build surfaces that your players can enjoy multiple sports on the same court, making the most of your space.


MSF Basketball & MSF Sports Australia

A better option. A better court.


MSF Sports simplifies the court installation process.

When building sports courts, it can become a little confusing when it comes to court sizes and creating the best court line markings for your area, especially if you are looking to build a Multi Sports surface.

Your court manager will work closely with you to fit your court to its fullest potential.


Indoor Basketball, Netball & Futsal Court Installation : MSF Sports


Elite Sports Flooring Tiles for Basketball, Tennis, Futsal & Volleyball by MSF SportsBenefits for Schools & Universities:

  • Add value to your facility
  • Shoot hoops any time of the day
  • Reduction in ball bounce sound by 30%
  • Increases participation and interest in recreational activities
  • Helps to create a more attractive and appealing facility the community will enjoy
  • Safer and more durable than concrete – no cracking, no warping, no fading
  • Water drainage system – ready to play in 10 minutes after heavy rain
  • More economical and more versatile solution for all locations
  • 10 year limited 'education sector' warranty + 20 year life expectancy 
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