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MSF Sports is bringing Australia’s favourite sports to Parks & Playgrounds, Australia wide.

Night Basketball

When it comes to building a sports court surface for Parks & Playgrounds – the main focus for MSF Sports is to create a safe environment for all to enjoy day and night, through all weather conditions.

Our Multi Sports Courts playing surface comes with a limited 10 year warranty, and are built to last a lifetime. Our court technology has enabled us to build surfaces that your guests can enjoy multiple sports on, efficiently utilising your space.

A better option. A better court.

The most popular sports courts for parks & playgrounds are Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Netball, Volleyball and Cricket. You really can’t go wrong when you make the decision to buy an MSF Sports court.


Buy a Court – MSF Sports makes the decision easy.


Multi Sports CourtsWhen building parks & playground sports courts, it can become a little confusing when it comes to court sizes and creating the best court line markings for your area, especially if you are looking to build a Multi Sports surface. At MSF Sports we will guide you along the way and help you fit your court to its fullest potential.

We pride ourselves on doing the job the right way the first time. So it is critical to get all the measurements and planning done correctly. We may require an on-site visit to double check the dimensions and other critical information needed. By visiting your property for a thorough inspection, it ensures that your sports courts will be built to perfection, with no hidden costs and a hassle free experience.

Your MSF Sports court expert will be the same person all the way through, while keeping you updated throughout the complete 2-5 week process.



Basketball Courts & Sports Court Flooring DIY or Fully Installed. Hoops & Basketball System.Benefits for Parks & Playgrounds:

  • Shoot hoops any time of the day, any weather
  • Add function, aesthetics and value to your property
  • Save time and costs travelling to stadiums just to train
  • Increases participation and interest in recreational activities
  • Make the most of an empty space (save time/money mowing lawns)
  • Rubber cushions help absorb shock, reduce bounce sound and minimise joint strain
  • Water drainage system – eliminates puddles & increases safety
  • Safer and more durable surface – no cracking, no warping, no fading
  • More economical and more versatile solution to resurfacing
  • 10 year limited warranty + 20 year life expectancy 


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