Professional Basketball Hoop

The best option for elite-level and professional basketball or 3x3 events in Australia.

FIBA regulation over-hang, this Hoop system is super heavy-duty and slam dunk rated for powerful play.

Our Professional Basketball Hoop has been used in many elite-level and professional events including 3x3 Hustle and Red Bull Reign 3x3 Tournaments.

Ideal for all types of events

  • Sports events
  • Festivals
  • Schools and Corporate events

Available across Australia. Option to transport interstate to most locations around the country.

MSF Multi Sports BBAL FUTSAL NETBALL 15x28m 420sqm
MSF Sports Basketball Full Court

Pro Hoop Hire Enquiry

Do you want to know more about the Professional Basketball Hoop? Would you like to hire it? Please, feel free to let us know about your interest!

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