St Michael's Grammer School Court by MSF SportsMSF Sports is bringing the professional experience of one of Australia’s favourite sports, Netball to domestic, council & commercial facilities installed across Australia.

When building any sports court surface, our main focus is to create a safe environment for all to enjoy day and night, through all weather conditions.

Whether you have an outdoor or indoor netball court setup in mind, we also cater to all your netting needs.


Buying a Netball Court?

MSF Sports makes the process easy


You only have to deal with one MSF Court Manager throughout the entire process, who will manage your court to completion. Saving you headaches and keeping you updated every step of the way through to court completion.


Your court manager will guide you along the way and help you fit your court to its fullest potential. We pride ourselves on doing the job the right way the first time. So it's critical to get all the measurements and planning done correctly.

We may require an on-site visit to double check the dimensions and other critical information needed. By visiting your property for a thorough inspection, it will ensure that your sports courts will be built to perfection, with no hidden costs and a hassle free experience.


Benefits of our Sports Flooring Technology:

  • Elite Sports Flooring Tiles for Basketball, Tennis, Futsal & Volleyball by MSF SportsConsistent ball bounce
  • Sound reduction by half
  • Increased grip – anti-slip
  • Make the most of an empty space (saving time mowing lawns)
  • Add value to your property
  • Save time and costs travelling to stadiums just to train
  • Water drainage system – eliminates puddles, increases safety, ready to play in 10 minutes after heavy rain
  • Create a safer and more durable surface – no cracking, no warping, no fading
  • More economical and more versatile solution for all locations
  • 10 year limited warranty + 20 year life expectancy 
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