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MSF PRO technology enables us to build the most advanced sports court surfaces that are easy on the joints, have accurate ball bounce and significantly reduce sound decibels. All whilst enabling your players to enjoy a multitude of sports on the same performance-tuned court.

Make the most of your space and have the option to play a range of sports including; Basketball, Tennis, Soccer/Futsal, Cricket, Football, Netball, Badminton & Volleyball. 

A better option. A better court.


MSF Sports court technology has been trusted for many years, by the most elite sporting brands in Australia including;


Elite Sports Flooring Tiles for Basketball, Tennis, Futsal & Volleyball by MSF Sports

Custom Courts. Made Easy.

We utilise a propriety court builder software to create the ideal court sizing, colour combos and line markings for your area, especially useful if you are looking to build a Multi Sports surface.

Your personal MSF Sports court expert will remain the same person who will keep you updated during the court building process, and will guide you along the way and help you fit your court to its fullest potential.


MSF Sports Court Melbourne Showgrounds

MSF Pro Benefits

  • Increases participation and interest in recreational activities
  • Creates a more attractive and appealing facility
  • Low maintenance, high performance - Adds immense value to facility
  • Water drainage system eliminates puddles, ready to play in 10 minutes after heavy rain
  • Reduces ball bounce sound levels and joint strain significantly
  • Economical and versatile solution for all locations
  • Shoot hoops/goals any time of the day
  • Safer and more durable than concrete
  • 10 year limited warranty + 20 year life expectancy 


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